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Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Fiji

Fiji Yacht Charter – Itinerary

Day 1.  Denarau – Meet your yacht that you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters on upscale Denarau Island off Nadi.  Enjoy a round of golf at the Denarau Golf and Racquet Club’s manicured 18 hole course.

Day 2.  Malololailai – Cruise to the sweet sounding island named Maloloailai in the Manumanca Island group.  Spend the afternoon snorkeling off your Taylor’d Yacht Charters boat or try the local surf before hoisting a glass of Fiji Bitter with the sailors at the Ratu Nemani Island Bar as the sun sinks into the sea.

Day 3.  Waya – Swim with the sharks at The Supermarket Dive Site off the isle of Mana.  Then visit uninhabited Monoriki, where Tom Hanks filmed Castaway.  Escape his fate and cruise north to the Yasawa Islands and your Taylor’d Yacht Charters yacht will anchor in a picture perfect bay surrounded by the Yolubi Hills in Waya.

Day 4.  Blue Lagoon – After a morning massage on the soft sand of Likuliku Beach at Octopus Resort, cruise along stunning volcanic shores to the Blue Lagoon in the mid Yasawas.  Enjoy worldclass snorkeling in its crystalline waters, then visit Otto and Fanny’s resort on Tavewa Island for tea and scones.  Take a run north to Sawa-i-lau to view its ancient rock carvings.  On the west side of long, skinny Yasawa, at the top of the island chain, divers will find a spectacular and uncrowded site called Paradise Wall.

Day 5.  Naviti – On Naviti in the southern Yasawas, snorkel with the rays off Manta Ray Island, then pay the $1 tariff to bask in the sun on remote and romantic Honeymoon Beach.

Day 6.  Beachcomber Island – While you sleep, the captain will voyage back to the Manumancas.  On a parasail, soar above tiny Beachcomber, known to locals as Tai,  and spend the evening boogying to the beat on the sand dance floor of this famous party island.

Day 7.  Denarau Island – Enjoy lunch one last time on your yacht from  Taylor’d Yacht Charters in the only modern megayacht marina in Fiji before heading to the international airport in nearby Nadi. The South Pacific is the jewel of the pacific ocean

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