selecting a yacht charter

When selecting a potential luxury Yacht for Charter you need to know the following information to proceed:

Type of Charter Yacht

Power Yacht Charters, Catamaran Yacht Charters, and Sailing Yacht Charters

It is important when selecting a yacht to consider the activities you want to do on and off the yacht. See Yacht Charter Activities for an example list.

Be sure to check out ” What’s Hot” for the current best value yachts, and popular Featured Yachts.

Yacht Charter Budgeting and Charter Rates

Remember the prices indicated are only for chartering the yacht and crew. Everything else:  Fuel, Food/Beverages, taxes, and miscellaneous, are PLUS or additional, and can be 30% of the Charter Rate. This is called the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance).  Also crew gratuity ranges 10-20% of the charter rate. We recommend adding 50% of the Charter Rate in your budget to allow for the APA, any taxes, and crew gratuity.

Date Range

Remember prices are for one week.

Desired Destination

Your charter may start and end in a different location, other than your desired destination.  Your desired location may be enroute.  Delivery fees may apply.

Example Yacht Charter Vacation Itineraries

See the Yacht Chartering Flow Process to know what happens from Start to Finish on your Luxury Yacht Vacation.