Motor yacht

The term yacht refers to a luxury pleasure boat. Many charter yachts available are considered a superyacht meaning that is over 24m (78’) in length and can carry a number of guests and luxury amenities on board. Mega yacht is another term for superyacht although usually refers to larger superyachts.

A megayacht is the yacht for exceptionally big groups and larger families. They are the ultimate in size, facilities and luxury. These vast yachts can accommodate up to 100 guests and have anything and everything from swimming pools, to discos, cinemas, conference rooms, spas and gyms.

Large, modern motor yachts are most suitable for families and large groups as they are spacious, stable and designed for pure comfort. They are also equipped with peerless water sports and entertainment facilities.

Smaller, performance motor yachts are ideal for those who want to explore more of the coastline in a shorter amount of time and are looking for the real kudos and adrenalin that goes with superyachting. Their sleek lines, enviable style and power and speed at the touch of the throttle make them a popular choice out at sea and in port.


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