Georgia – South Carolina Yacht Charter Vacation Itinerary

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Georgia – South Carolina Yacht Charter

Georgia – South Carolina Yacht Charter – From the Florida border through the Carolina coasts are some of the most beautifully untouched Islands and wild life preserves of the United States.  While some of the islands are wealthy enclaves and vacation destinations, many islands are protected and have escaped the building of hotels and mainstream tourism.  These pristine barrier Islands with huge sand bluffs and wild deer still can be accessed by boat and ferry.  Take the time to explore one of the Eastern Seaboard’s best keep secrets, and you will be rewarded with memoirs and pictures unmatched.

This aerial view is of Cumberland Island famous for its wild horses dating back to the 1500’s

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel was built by a prominent group of investors in 1888, including William Vanderbilt and JP Morgan.


Georgia – South Carolina Yacht Charter –  Route 1

St. Simons or Jekyll Island to Savannah and back. (7 days) Fly in to Brunswick, GA or Jacksonville, FL, 1 hour from Brunswick

Spend a few days around St. Simons and Jekyll Island with quaint marinas, boutiques, and protected anchorages.  Beachcombing here is world class with shells galore and beaches as far as the eye can see.  Move north along the ICW to one of many islands to choose from: Cumberland Island, Sapelo, Blackbeard, St. Catherine, Wassau, and Ossabaw Islands to Savannah all within a 70 mile stretch, each one unique with lots of Southern history including civil war outposts.  Anchor overnight at any location and explore.

Savannah: There are several excellent marinas here from downtown to the Isle of Hope.  A true “Southern Belle,” this place will remind you of the movie, “Gone with the Wind.”  Savannah is a major seaport with ships passing through downtown’s River Street daily.  Take one of the tours down old cobblestone streets or a riverboat along the waterfront.  You could spend days and weeks in Savannah alone exploring its museums, restaurants, and tours.


Georgia – South Carolina Yacht Charter Route 2

Start in Savannah, Georgia or Charleston, South Carolina:   Both have major airports.  The distance between Savannah and Charleston is about 80 miles along the ICW.  Not long after you depart Savannah northward, you come upon Hilton Head, South Carolina, a world class resort Island famous for its golf courses. Here you will find it all, from high end boutiques to mega yacht marinas, spas, and great beaches.  There are several anchorages and marinas here from which to choose.  Traveling north again is the stunning town of Beaufort, South Carolina.  Take a stroll along the old roads lined with houses from an era gone by, and feel the warmth and hospitality that is all too vanishing.  From here to Charleston there are many barrier Islands to anchor and explore.  The options are many.

Charleston:  At first view a person might think Charleston is another Savannah with the colonial squares, historic homes, and similar charms, but look deeper.  Charleston has another rich history of its own.  There are naval and civil war museums, like Fort Sumter, where the first shot was fired igniting the Civil War.  Take in the upbeat night markets, pubs, and nightlife filled with live music and lively atmosphere.  There are good marinas in close proximity of downtown.

Jekyll Island:  The entire cruising itinerary here is loaded with great golf courses, diving, and fishing for the sportsman.  If you want to experience anchorages night after night with no other boats or noise, you can find that here, too.  The “Golden Isles” is often missed by the larger cruising yachts which is one reason the area has retained its pristine condition and charm.  Book a Taylor’d Yacht Charters yacht, and the crew will “Taylor” an itinerary to suit your interests.

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