Motorsailers are boats equipped with rather capable sails and one or more engines, so they can use either means of propulsion, depending on the weather conditions, capability of the crew and the skills and the mood of the skipper.

As a hybrid design, a motor-sailer is typically not so good under sails as a comparable sailing boat, and it is not as good under engine as a comparable power boat. Still, motor-sailers have their good sides appreciated by many boat owners.

A gulet is a handcrafted traditional wooden one- or two-masted motorsailer found in Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey. Nowadays these custom-built wooden yachts combine the aesthetics of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art building techniques and modern facilities for cruising holidays in comfort and style.

Originally the gulet was a wooden boat used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch. Over the years and with a growing demand for sophisticated yacht charter vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean, the gulets have evolved into very elegant and luxurious motorsailers meeting the requirements of a very discerning charter clientele.

Gulets are custom-built by master craftsmen from local wood like pine, mulberry and chestnut but also from tropical wood like iroko, mahogany or teak. In recent years builders of high-quality gulets prefer epoxy-laminate construction for strength and durability.

Various designs have emerged, all of which come from the classic description of the traditional gulet. The classic gulet has a very elegant shape with her sharp bow, broad beam, low-to-the-water profile and rounded aft. However, as this design limits the numbers of cabins, modifications have been made over the years and nowadays the transom-stern gulet for maximum use of space below deck has become more popular as a charter vessel.Some of the gulets, due to their construction and full sailing equipment, can sail very well.

Gulets vary in size between 14 and 45 m and depending on size feature 2-12 double cabins with en-suite bathrooms. They offer ample deck space, an airy lounge as well as elegant dining and reclining areas.


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